About Aspen Commercial Lending

About Us

Our Aspen Commercial Lending team is made up of some of the best people on the planet if you ask us. The people sitting around this table are collectively responsible for the incredible success that Aspen Commercial Lending has experience over such a short time.

Thanks, Team Aspen!

What a great looking group. Here we are after a day of going over our pipeline, and we still look good!  Bring it on!  If you need it done, this team can handle it! It’s always good to know who you are working with. Our team here at Aspen Commercial lending is a real family. We are working hard to make all your dreams come true.  That is what business financing is all about, and we will never forget that.

It’s not always business here at Aspen Commercial Lending, sometimes we get a little riled up!  Look at how much fun Fabio, I mean Ryan, is having in this picture!  We know how important it is to let your hair down every once in a while.

Enough horsing around guys! You have a multi-billion dollar pipeline waiting for you, get back to work! Aspen Commercial Lending is a fun place to work, but this has gone too far!

This video was a testimonial Shane and JT, the founders of Aspen Commercial Lending, did for CCTG. Although it is a testimonial about how great CCTG is, and how highly they recommend them, we wanted to add this video to our channel so that our clients could see what we are doing over here. As usual, we want to keep everything transparent and it is nice to get to know our founders.