Equipment Financing Made Easy

equipment financingDoes your business require certain equipment to operate on a daily basis, such as computers or construction tools? Or even heavy equipment for bigger ventures if you’re in the manufacturing space? If so, you need the right financing option to make that possible. That is where equipment financing from Aspen Commercial Lending comes in.

Benefits of Leasing

As one of the best equipment financing companies, we understand that equipment is important to many businesses and can be a financial burden, but leasing the machinery you need is a viable alternative for many companies. When you choose to lease the equipment necessary to run your business, you can take advantage of the following key benefits:

  • Low monthly repayment options
  • Elimination of old or malfunctioning equipment
  • Increase cash flow for other business aspects
  • Tax advantages for the business
  • Approval of application in one to five days

Types of Programs

There are three equipment leasing program options for your business to fall under. Each one is for different industries in order to meet specific needs. The details of each are as follows:

  • Governmental program: This program works for government entities such as libraries, police stations, armed services, fire stations and even schools. Due to the nature of the business, Aspen Commercial Lending can guarantee approval for municipal and government bodies.
  • Sale and lease back option: In this program, businesses have the option of leasing the equipment until all payments have been made. Then, the business will own the equipment at the end of the lease agreement.
  • Startup businesses: This program is specifically designed for new businesses that have existed for two years or less. Instead of having to pay for the equipment upfront and spend precious monetary resources, startups can finance any heavy equipment and grow the business without the worry of huge financial loss.

Finance Your Equipment Today

Aspen Commercial Lending offers the equipment financing you need to help your business thrive. Contact us to speak with an expert today to learn more about this opportunity and begin the process to secure this type of financing today.