Healthcare Finance and Your Practice

Discover the ins and outs of the healthcare finance world so you can fully understand your options and how to succeed. Whether you own a medical clinic, dental practice, chiropractic office or a veterinary clinic, you need reliable financing to help support business operations and purchase equipment. Talk to the financing team at Aspen Commercial Lending about healthcare financing today.

Consolidate Your Debt

Did you go into debt pursuing your medical degree and license? What about when you opened your practice? Regardless of your situation, sky high interest rates and varying payments are likely dragging you down. Don’t let them anymore. Talk with our medical finance experts today to consolidate your debt into one low monthly payment and get approved in as little as 24 hours.

Increase Working Capital

You need a substantial amount of cash flow to run your business. Past borrowers enjoyed the following benefits of our working capital loans:

  • No upfront payments required
  • Generous terms of up to 72 months
  • Loans not reported to the credit bureaus
  • Available for any number of reasons

Whether you want to expand your practice, consolidate debt or purchase equipment, ask our lenders about these loans today. You can also use a working capital loan to acquire another practice.

Lease Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is costly to purchase and even more so to upkeep. Take the financial stress out of buying equipment and lease it. We offer several payment options and the opportunity to take up to 50% off soft costs.

Contact Our Healthcare Finance Team Today

Whether you plan to build a practice, expand a practice or acquire a practice, talk to our team at Aspen Commercial Lending regarding healthcare financing. Once you get in touch, we’ll send an application your way.