Additional Services

Business Plan Review and Feedback - $500

We will review your current business plan, reference our plans and the plans of clients that have been funded, and offer suggestions that may improve your ability to get your business funded.

Business Plan Outline - $1,500

We will review your vision, your company, and send you a list of questions about what you are doing. Once we have that feedback, we will create an outline for your business plan. This is a great way to get your business idea on paper, and closer to being in a position of being able to get the funds you need to implement your plan.

Business Plan - $5,000 to $35,000

We will do an in depth research of your business, you, your experience, and what value your business is filling in the market. We will analyze the competition, do a feasibility study, and put everything, including the 5 year projections into your business plan. This includes review of a current business plan, A business plan outline, research, and cash flow projections. This plan does not guarantee funding for your business, but it will certainly help, and we use our experience with projects that have been funded to give you the best opportunity to get your business funded.

Deep Dive Mind Mapping - $2,000

We will spend a day with you in a room discovering what your business does, what whole it fills in the market, and why someone would want to fund your business. We will discuss your vision in depth, develop a mission statement, a vision statement, and the foundation of your business. All notes, mind maps, and deliverables will be yours to keep and use in running your business, and getting it funded.

Miscellaneous Services - $500 to $25,000

We are committed to your business, and it’s success. We have over 50 years of combined experience in small business, and large businesses. We have members who were commercial bankers for over 15yrs, and we have a processing team who have processed thousands of loans that equate to billions of dollars. These services can include anything from what marketing works, short term and long term. Where you should spend your money to get more value for your business, and many many more services. Someone onces said, “Experience is the best teacher”, and we have a lot of it. Use our experience to learn and grow your business, so you don’t have to learn the lessons we did on the way.