If you are looking to start a business in the Denver, Colorado area, you have already picked a great place to open up shop. In 2012, Denver hit the Forbes list of best places for businesses and careers, and in recent years Denver has become a competitive alternative to California. Many investors and business owners rush to set up shop in Denver, Colorado.

While any neighborhood or suburb in Denver, Colorado is perfect for a business, here are three areas that you should look to invest for commercial real estate in Denver.

Best Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate in Denver

  1. Downtown. First, one of the best places to start a business is downtown. The central business district is already there, with dozens of city landmarks and economic centers. Downtown is incredibly busy, so no matter what type of business you start, people will be interested in what you have to offer.
  2. Golden. If you are uninterested in the hustle and bustle of being inside the city, you can start a business in the suburbs. Golden has over 2000 companies and has an average business revenue of over $1 million a year. Golden has some major draws for businesses, including Coors Brewery.
  3. Centennial. Finally, you cannot go wrong by starting a business in Centennial. Centennial is one of Denver’s largest suburb, and it is home to over 100,000 people. The city is a place for people who love to be outdoors, and if you have a business that caters to that clientele, Centennial is perfect for you.

No matter what location you choose, Denver, Colorado is a great place to open up a business. Downtown is the ideal choice for most businesses because there are already many businesses there. If you are interested in the suburbs, both Golden and Centennial have a lot to offer a new business owner. No matter where you decide to open a business or purchase commercial real estate, Aspen Commercial Lending can assist you with your financial business needs.