Two of the best cities to start a business in Colorado are Denver and Colorado Springs. Both cities have consistently ranked high on lists of the best US cities to start a business. However, they have their differences.

Denver vs. Colorado Springs: Where should I start my business?

Denver has a lot to offer an entrepreneur. It is likened to a San Francisco or a Palo Alto, but instead of being on the coastline of the country, it is in the middle. Denver’s proximity to TechStar in Boulder and its startup culture contribute to it being a good place for budding business owners.

Colorado Springs is also a great place for new business owners, but for different reasons. Rather than be a place for entrepreneurs, Colorado Springs is ideal for high skilled workers. Colorado Springs has a small-town feel with large city growth. The labor pool in Colorado Springs consists of highly educated and technically inclined people, making it easy for tech startups to find employees.

Even though Denver has a culture that leans toward entrepreneurship and Colorado Springs has more professional workers, both cities are great for the technological industry. Even if you do not desire to start a business, the need for tech workers and was in the cities continues to increase.

No matter where you choose to start a business, be it in Denver or Colorado Springs, you will need financial capital to get your business off the ground. There are many ways to fund a business, including out of pocket, with donations from friends and family, andinvestors. If you are unable to gather the funds you need for your business, Aspen Commercial Lending can help you develop a financial plan.