Starting and growing a medical practice requires financial resources. Like any business, there are a plethora of start-up costs when it comes to starting a medical practice. However, with medical practices, there can be more expenses. Let’s talk about how to get healthcare financing in Colorado.

How to get healthcare financing in Colorado

To start a medical practice, you will need working capital. You will also have to purchase equipment, a space to practice, and money to pay employees. For this reason, many medical practices seek financing when they start their practice.

Aspen Commercial Lending’s healthcare finance program can help you start or expand your practice. Our working capital loans offer no upfront payments, generous terms of up to 72 months, loans that do not get reported to the credit bureaus, and flexible availability. Our loans can be used for whatever your business needs, including consolidating debt or purchasing equipment. You can even use the working capital loans to acquire another practice.

A medical practice requires a certain amount of medical equipment to function, and medical equipment can be quite expensive. In most cases, it is not cost-effective to outright purchase medical equipment because it advances so quickly. Instead, it may be most beneficial to lease the equipment. If you are interested in leasing medical equipment, Aspen Commercial Lending offers several payment options and the opportunity to take 50% off soft costs.

Healthcare financing can benefit their business in many different ways. Whether you are building a practice, expanding a practice, or acquiring a practice, you can talk to our healthcare finance team about financing for your business.