Reliable sales are necessary for the fiscal sustainability of any small business. But at a certain point, encouraging growth is extremely helpful for long-term fiscal stability. Reaching more customers means not only more revenue, but a wider pool to draw from — and to fall back on in the event of hard times. There is no one way to boost your sales, but pursuing any and all of the following tactics may ultimately help your balance sheet.

1. Introduce New Products or Services

As a new business, it’s a great habit to focus on your dominant product or service. But over time, diversifying can help in more ways than one. Aside from bringing in new revenue, it can help to target distinct demographics and and broaden your revenue sources, which can serve as an incalculable benefit when times are tough.

If you’re looking to improve your numbers, consider a complementary product or service you can offer. Typically it will be related to your primary offering, but may have unique capacity to bring in additional customers, and widen your profile.

2. Increase Advertising

The importance of advertising and promotion for small businesses cannot be overstated. Take a close look at your advertising budget to determine what’s working, and where you can afford to spend more. Consider launching a promotion to bring in new customers, and keep current customers excited.

Effectively using social media should be an essential part of any advertising strategy. Maintaining profiles across multiple platforms will allow you to post a wide variety of content and engage with users representing multiple demographics. It’s an easy way to reach people and draw in new customers — and for an added bonus, the platforms offer varied means of paid promotion which can help you reach even more customers.

3. Open a New Location

Expanding your business’ physical presence is a time-honored means of boosting sales. However, it comes with a cost: additional employees, rent, and inventory. Be cautious in your fiscal planning and ensure you’re prepared for the obligations of operating a second shop. If it seems like too much for your business, even building or expanding a web presence can sometimes accomplish the same goals.

The three techniques above are great methods to grow a small business, but they’re hardly the only ones. Take stock of your particular situation, contemplate possible methods of growth, and determine what will work for your business.