If your company is currently growing at a rapid clip, you may be wondering how to preserve the company’s values, atmosphere and community feel even as you expand. Although rapid growth can work wonders for any business’s bottom line, its effect on healthy workplace culture can sometimes be detrimental. Thankfully, it’s possible to maintain a positive and supportive environment at offices throughout your company even after you’ve started to grow rapidly if you plan carefully and are prepared to meet challenges head-on. If you’re concerned about keeping your company’s ethos and feel intact as you expand, consider using these essential tips.

Spell Out Your Company’s Core Values in Widely Distributed Materials

If you want to maintain your company’s values, it’s important to have those values clearly defined and widely available throughout the company. You may find it useful to spell out a mission statement and core values in materials that are then distributed to all company employees, such as employee guidebooks. You could also:

  • Create posters with your company’s core values and put them up throughout the office
  • Spell out a code of conduct in the employee handbook
  • State your company’s mission and values clearly in all marketing ventures

Hold Regular Office-Wide Events To Encourage Connections and Friendly Relations

Part of maintaining your workplace environment is encouraging friendly office relationships and business connections. That’s why you may want to consider holding regular office-wide or company-wide events so that your workers can get to know each other better. These events could potentially include:

  • Meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Company parties
  • Getaway events

Make It Easy for Employees To Report Suspicious or Harmful Events

Finally, having a strong human resources department in place is key to maintaining a supportive, healthy environment as you expand. You can make it simple for employees to report suspicious or harmful office events by instituting:

  • Expanded human resources offices
  • Online reporting forms
  • In-person tip drop-off boxes in the office

When your business is undergoing serious growth at a rapid pace, it’s important to keep in mind the various effects that growth could potentially have on the company culture. Although quick expansion may pose a challenge, you can overcome those potential obstacles by planning carefully. As your company grows, make sure you spell out the business’s core values is widely distributed employee materials, hold frequent events to foster business relationships and make it simple for employees to file HR reports as needed. These simple steps can help your business maintain a healthy office environment as you expand.