A large part of leadership is inspiring employees to do their best. This article looks at three different strategies effective leaders have used to do just that.

Give Employees Attention

One of the best ways leaders can inspire their employees is giving them attention. This means inquiring about what employees are finding joy in and what is giving them stress. It is important to find out about employees’ lives both inside and outside the office; for instance, if you discover that an employee has a sick pet, cutting them some slack in their schedule to care for the pet might inspire the employee to do their best for you down the line.

Listen to Your Employees

Listening is another tactic that effective leaders use to inspire employees. Listening is important on multiple levels. For example, on the day-to-day level, if an employee does not have the technology they need to do their job, finding a solution will help them do their best, reduce their frustration, and show them that you care. On a larger level, employees are much more likely to buy into your company’s mission if they have input on that mission and how to complete it.

Give Employees Clear Expectations

Good leaders also set clear, fair expectations for their employees. As Inc.com writer Alyssa Danigelis points out, the process of setting expectations can be an opportunity for leaders to collaborate with employees. According to Danigelis, leaders can use the following tactics to decide on fair, productive expectations:

  • Meet with employees and discuss expectations frequently, instead of simply waiting for annual reviews.
  • Be sure to give attention to outstanding performances rather than just problem areas.
  • Make sure employees are comfortable being honest with you about how their managers can better support them.

If you employ these strategies, you’ll like to have more inspired, productive employees.

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