Having enough capital is one of the largest struggles in a small business, and most small businesses seek out financing to cover initial startup and operating costs. Even if you have the best intentions, you can still end up making mistakes when looking for financing. Here are three common mistakes people make when looking for business financing.

Three common mistakes when looking for financing

  1. Not having all the right documents. First, a common mistake people make is not having all of the right documents. There are a lot of documents that are necessary to secure financing, including income statements, expense reports, and tax documents. If you are missing some of these documents, you can delay the process of getting financial help.
  2. Not having a plan for the money. Next, another mistake small businesses will make is not having a plan for the money. Everyone knows a business needs capital to run, but when you do not have a plan for the money, financial institutions aren’t confident you will spend it properly. For this reason, a business plan is imperative for securing a loan.
  3. Not knowing all of your financial options. Finally, many businesses just aren’t aware of all the financial options they have access to. There are many more financial options beyond securing a traditional loan, and they can be more beneficial to your business if you know what they are. These things can include credit cards, lines of credit, and government grants.

The majority of businesses fail in their first five years because they do not have enough capital to keep the doors open. For this reason, many businesses seek out financing, either for necessity or peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for a loan to have a financial cushion or you’re planning to purchase new equipment, Aspen Commercial Lending can help you gather your documents and know your financial options.