Discover the transformative power of the Prosperity Law of Cause and Effect, a guiding principle that empowers you to manifest success and abundance in your life. Rooted in the idea that your thoughts and actions create the reality you experience, this law is a powerful tool for achieving your goals and unlocking prosperity.

For this purpose you will enjoy declaring often:

“According to the law of Cause and Effect, I AM always successful, because I AM always getting results from what I think and say. The law of Cause and Effect states that as I sow, so shall I also reap. As I give, so shall I receive. Every effect in my life began with a mental cause. When I choose my thoughts, I choose results. What I think, that I became.’

“I can transform my life by transforming my words about my life. No one can delay my good. No one can withhold my good. I am open and receptive to my highest good, so good things begin to happen now! Yes, when I deliberately change my world by changing my words about it, everything begins to come my way.’

“There is good for me, I ought to have it, and I draw it forth now. Nothing is evil that brings forth good. When I contact God’s good by dwelling upon it, I can change years of problems overnight!’

“Regardless of the kind of work I do – or the circumstances of my life – I can still be prosperous. I should be prosperous. It is my divine heritage to prosper. Therefore, I claim my heritage of unlimited prosperity now.”

Embrace the transformative essence of the Prosperity Law. With each thought and word, you wield the power to set the wheels of abundance in motion. Catherine Ponder’s insights in “The Millionaire Moses” shed light on your divine right to prosper. Let the Prosperity Law guide you towards a life rich in abundance and fulfillment.