For this purpose you will enjoy declaring often:

“According to the law of Cause and Effect, I AM always successful, because I AM always getting results from what I think and say. The law of Cause and Effect states that as I sow, so shall I also reap. As I give, so shall I receive. Every effect in my life began with a mental cause. When I choose my thoughts, I choose results. What I think, that I became.’

“I can transform my life by transforming my words about my life. No one can delay my good. No one can withhold my good. I am open and receptive to my highest good, so good things begin to happen now! Yes, when I deliberately change my world by changing my words about it, everything begins to come my way.’

“There is good for me, I ought to have it, and I draw it forth now. Nothing is evil that brings forth good. When I contact God’s good by dwelling upon it, I can change years of problems overnight!’

“Regardless of the kind of work I do – or the circumstances of my life – I can still be prosperous. I should be prosperous. It is my divine heritage to prosper. Therefore, I claim my heritage of unlimited prosperity now.”

This prosperity meditation and much more can be found in the outstanding book by Catherine Ponder, “The Millionaire Moses”.