I recently had the privilege of going through the “Harmonic Wealth” system, and reading the book by James Arthur Ray. In this program James dives deep into what he calls the five pillars of wealth. This is an interesting twist on some of the prosperity authors I read in that he talks about focusing on all of them, and you will never be balanced. Most prosperity authors talk about the value of living a balanced life. In this program James talks about how you can’t be balanced. When you are balanced, you are not going anywhere. The Universe is constantly moving, and so trying to be balanced is like trying to stand still on a moving belt at the airport. Even if you stand still, you are moving.

In his home study course, James includes complete workbook, email me for a PDF version of his workbook. Their is great information in the workbook, and if you like it, I suggest you get the home study course. The information in this program can change your life and grow your business.

The overarching theme of this program are the Five Pillars of Wealth. Here they are for you to think about. When going through these, think about where you stand on each pillar. This will paint a very accurate picture of what you want to work on in your life. When you work on you first, then your business will surely grow.

  1. Financial Wealth
  2. Relational Wealth
  3. Mental Wealth
  4. Physical Wealth
  5. Spiritual Wealth

In this program, James goes through an exercise where he has you rate each one of these categories from 1-10 on how well you are doing in those areas. He reminds you that the way you measure these are with your results. Be honest, don’t make up what you would like to have as a score in each area. If you consider each pillar as a spoke in a wheel, after you rate each one, mark on the spoke that number. If you are doing really well in your life, then your wheel will roll. You will find that most of us have a lop sided wheel, where we are doing a lot better in some areas of our life than others. If this is the case, you know what to work on.

For more information on the “Harmonic Wealth System” we recommend you go here to purchase the full home study course. If you are just looking for a good read, click here to buy the book.